Epupa Falls

Epupa Falls has a series of cascades that are all created by the Kunene River. The greatest single drop that comes from these magnificent falls is 37 meters, the falls total to a drop of 60 meters. The flora surrounding the falls consists of an extremely diverse plant life that include ficus and anna trees, brown-stem corkwood, makalani palm trees and the trumpet thorn plant among many others.

What makes this region so remarkable is that there is both luscious greenery and vast desert. This contrast of flora is what contributes to Epupa Falls being so incredibly unique. The fauna exhibiting the region is full of zebra, baboons, kudu, crocodiles, black-faced impalas and also porcupines. Combining both the distinctive and rare flora and fauna of the region alongside the beautiful landscape that exhibits every inch of the Epupa Fall’s surroundings, it’s no surprise as to why this natural wonder of the world lures in so many visitors.


The name “Epupa” is in fact derived from a Herero word meaning “foam”, in reference to the abundance of foam created by the falls.

There are a number of activities in the area, some can be done alone, but others will need to be booked through one of the lodges or campsites in the area. Bird watching can be done on foot or by a leisurely boat trip. Guided or unguided hikes around Epupa offer fantastic photographic opportunities and sundowner trips to spectacular lookout points are on offer too. A visit to a Himba settlement will give visitors a peek into their nomadic, tribal lifestyle and photographs may be taken on request.