Escape to the beautiful coastline of Southern Mozambique. Take time out to relax at the exquisite beach front resort of ‘Parque de Malongane'. Dance to audio stimulating sounds of a select group of DJ's. Most importantly, ENJOY a wonderful time with your partner, friends and family.

Mozamboogy is a 4 day outdoor dance and music festival, covering music genres such as Trance, Psytrance, Progressive, Glitch, Techno, Ambient and Drum & Bass. Uniting all walks-of-life with the common thread being the ‘Love of Music', people with a Spirit for Adventure, Embracing Life and Honouring Mother Nature.

This boutique festival is held at the beautiful resort in Mozambique. A 7 hour drive from Johannesburg / Pretoria, only accessible with 44 vehicles. Safe parking at the border of Kosi Bay, followed by a quick transfer with a 44 vehicle (no need to own your own 44), you then find yourself surrounded by luscious tree canopies, which make up the resort, allowing shady camping for everyone.

What makes this particular venue ‘magical' in every sense of the word, is certainly the fact that it is located where ‘2 ley lines' cross. If you have had the privilege of visiting Malongane, you will know what I speak of, when I refer to Ponta Malongane Rest Camp as ‘truly magical‘.

Attended by South Africans from each corner of SA, Mozambicans, Europeans, Australians, and Canadians….. You get the idea.

Walks on the beach, a visit to the local village, situated just outside the holiday resort, where you can shop at the local markets, where you can choose from a wide range of local arts and craft, enjoy local Mozambican cuisine at one of the numerous restaurants and bars in the village.

What we can however promise you, is that Mozamboogy, will be the beginning of A GREAT ADVENTURE!